Saturday, October 29, 2011

From DM# 2

Good morning fellow band members,

First of all, I would like to say how proud I am for each and every last one of you guys. You have surely shown heart and motivation (for the most part) towards practice. It really encourages myself to give it all during practice when you guys are running to sets, eager to learn.

Secondly, I would like to encourage you all not to slack off during fall break as well as the second half of the season. I know fall break can easily entangle your mind to shift the gear from working hard to laziness. I would encourage you all to not hit the level of laziness because, by taking my own experience, you could carry fall break over to the two weeks after that, which is not a good feeling once grades start to pop up.

I hope you guys are already enjoying a great week off from band. My prayer is that those of you all who are heading home have a safe travel and that every last member in the band has a relaxing break. This is so that you come back pushing to get good grades and, more importantly, we are eager to learn and driven to given 120% into each practice. See you all in five days!!!

-Brandon Osgood

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Corrie Sober - Christian Service Officer

Hey My Fellow Marchers!!
Guess what?! I love band! Today, September 17, 2011, is our second game day! Are you ready? I am stoked mainly because we get to play for our student section! I hope all the new and veteran marchers will experience the same rush from feeding off the crowd’s energy during the show as I did during last year’s performance on the student side. When experiencing that moment of thrill, I think there is nothing else greater except for the coming of Jesus! Yes, that might sound a little nerdish, but anyone who is reading my band blog post in the first place is probably a band nerd too. So I have no shame. J Therefore, when times throughout the marching season get tough, I encourage you to think back to these moments. They will remind you why you are doing what you are doing. They will help you push through your task at present and make goals for the future. Guys, have a wonderful time marching today! I will see you at the field!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Disney World!

In case you missed the big announcement yesterday...
Liberty University Marching Band is going to Florida November 11-13! 

We will be leaving early (like 4:00 AM early) on Friday morning and arriving in Jacksonville, Florida to perform that evening at Jacksonville Landing! There is a Taylor Swift concert also happening that evening so we're expecting a larger than normal crowd! We will spend the night in Jacksonville and get up early the next morning to head towards the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World! We will have some time to spend in the Magic Kingdom that morning and then in the afternoon we will all meet to prepare for our performance in the "Celebrate a Dream Come True" Parade! After the parade we will have the rest of the evening at the Magic Kingdom! We will then travel back to Jacksonville that evening and leave for Liberty the next morning.

We are all SO excited to get to take such an exciting trip together! Spread the news and remember to "follow" our blog to keep up to date on everything happening with this trip and all of our other events! Also, we will be continuing our weekly Band Leadership guest blogging spots, so make sure you take a look at those!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Josh detwiler - social media officer

Okay, so i've never done a blog for a marching band before, so this is a new experience for me. I guess if i was writing a blog about me, i'd tell people about my life at that particular time. so If i'm writing a band blog, as an officer, i guess i could tell everybody about what's up with the band right now. so here goes.

Only 3 days left until THE SHOW. the first show. I'm pretty excited because the first show almost always gets the best reaction from the crowd. after that, they remember some of the drill, and the surprising moments aren't quite as effective. but the adrenaline that pumps through you when you first walk out from that road between the field house and the home side of the stadium for the first home game and the crowd hasn't seen you in a year and is going absolutely bonkers makes you feel 10 feet tall and bulletproof. I can't wait.

having said that, there's a ton of work to do before then, on everybody's part. Rehearsing and memorizing music, Getting our drill comfortable, marching correctly, the whole 9 yards. And the officers still have to finish hemming a couple of uniforms. The band I think grabbed ahold of the pressure we're under on monday, so now everybody seems to be in the zone, if just for the last week before our first show.

Today, hopefully, we still have band! because we really need the rehearsal time. remember, if you haven't gotten a text from Broadtexter and responded with a "Y" then you won't get the final word on todays rehearsal and you'll have to ask around.

oh, yeah, so this is the first post from the new band office! We've just finished moving from the old band office (which is now Ashleys office) to the offices behind the band room, between the huge storage room and the practice rooms. Have a great spiritual emphasis week, practice hard, and come say hi to us in the new officers office! (it's like....lonely in here)


Monday, September 5, 2011

A word from your president

Dear Marvelous Marchers,

I hope you guys aren't too overwhelmed with everything that the first few weeks of class brings! I'm so proud of everything that we have been accomplishing in rehearsals, and I appreciate your dedication to our program.
As we keep preparing our show, I encourage you to stay focused on our most immediate goal: Our first performance!
Between band camp and our first performance, it's easy to forget why we do what we do, which is perform foremost for God and second for our university. We get so caught up in learning our music and our moves that we forget to look ahead towards the final goal. Isn't it the same in our Christian lives? We get so wrapped up in our day-to-day lives that we forget our ultimate goal, which is to further God's Kingdom.
Don't get me wrong, marching band isn't ALL work. When you step into a packed stadium for the first time or get your first standing ovation, the hard work has suddenly paid off. You forget the days that you sweltered in the grueling humidity, or the 15 times that you ran back and forth between the same set.
As we rehearse this week, think ahead to Saturday! Get in the mindset of doing everything better with each repetition. Don't lose your drive and your focus, and press on towards the prize in both your marching and in your Christian life as well. Don't forget that what we do is ALL for God's glory and pleasure.

See you on the field!

Amy Fox
Liberty University Bands

P.S. If you run, there's a breeze!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Leadership arrives!

Today the drum major's and the Band President, Amy Fox(insox) arrived! All three drum major's David, Brandon, and Shelby have been putting together packets all morning! They're headed to a meeting with the head of football operations now. We're on the fast track to marching band season! And tomorrow means lining the field in preparation for our wonderful 200 member band to march across very soon!
I hope you are all enjoying  your last couple days of summer and preparing for Saturday's check-in! Make your plans to arrive here between Noon and 3:00pm... there will be a special computer assessment for the band freshmen at 3:00pm on the dot so if that's something you need to be at be sure to be in the check-in line by 1:30pm at the latest. Also, if you are planning on being a music major/minor the Music Theory Placement test has been changed to 4:45pm so you will have time to take both the computer assessment and be present for the theory placement test.
We've got a new band room, new instrument lockers, new tuba's... lots of "new" around here! We can't wait to meet all of the "new" faces this year too! The campus has undergone a few upgrades this summer as well! Including the new visitor's center which should be finished by Homecoming weekend, October 14-15! There have been new signs put up all around campus, two of which have pictures of the marching band performing!

Things are very exciting around here, all we're missing now is YOU!
See you soon!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Color Guard & Percussion Camp!

The floors are waxed, the light bulbs are changed, the uniforms are dry cleaned... IT'S ALMOST TIME!!!

In only 3 short days percussion and color guard will be arriving on campus! Check in begins for Color Guard and Percussion members in the band hall at noon and will run until 4:00 p.m. Just make sure you get over to student housing by 6:00p.m. to get the key to your dorm!  Also, the campus housing office has moved! They are now located at North Campus (now being called "Green Hall").

Directions to their new office:
Enter at North Campus main entrance
Turn right at the indoor track
Pass student accounts office and follow the hallway and signs to student housing
Housing's new office is located in what used to be the Psychology department's area.
(Hours: 12-6)

If you have any questions here are some numbers that might come in handy!
Student Housing - (434)592-4139
Dr. Kerr's Office - (434)582-2363
My (Ashley) Office - (434)582-7363
Dr. Super's Office - (434)582-2593

*Remember to check your email! That's how we get important information to you guys, so don't miss out!*

We're so excited to get you guys back on campus and get the ball rolling on "Behind the Mask"!!!
See you very soon!